Ascent (Gen 1)
Ascent (Gen 1)
Ascent (Gen 1)
Ascent (Gen 1)
Ascent (Gen 1)
Ascent (Gen 1)
Ascent (Gen 1)
Ascent (Gen 1)
Ascent (Gen 1)
Ascent (Gen 1)
Ascent (Gen 1)
Ascent (Gen 1)

Ascent (Gen 1)

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The Ascent is everything you love about barefoot shoes, but with a stylish leather design that can be worn beyond just the gym - blending seamlessly into your business casual outfit at work, walking around the urban jungle, or enjoying a night out. 

This shoe was designed and built with comfort, performance, and durability in mind-we intend for it to last you for years to come and become your new go-to favorite.


  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee - no time limit! If for whatever reason, you are not fully satisfied with this shoe, just send them back for an exchange or full refund! This doesn't mean the shoes will last forever (they won't); but you should never regret your decision to buy them.


  • Premium Full-grain Leather Upper: Durable, warm, water/stain-resistant, the leather upper will gradually mold to the exact shape of your feet, increasing fit and comfort with every wear
  • Foot-shaped Toe Box: The wide toe box allows natural toe splay; this increases foot stability, improving foot performance and health
  • Sewn Rubber Outsole: Made using a highly-durable rubber material, our outsole features a herringbone tread pattern for maximum traction, even on slippery, or wet surfaces. This one-piece rubber outsole is glued, pressed, and then stitched to ensure it will never separate.
  • Zero-Drop: Our outsole is a consistent 5mm thickness from heel to toe - this ensures you're standing on a flat surface, preventing pelvic tilt and ensuring natural body alignment


  • 3 pairs of insoles: Each pair of shoes includes 3 removable pairs of insoles you can swap depending on your desired level of support and activity!
    • Thin Minimalist insoles (Zero-drop; 3mm thick) For those seeking a true barefoot feel and increased performance when lifting
    • Medium Mid-ground insoles (Zero-drop; 4mm thick) The middle ground between the Max-Energy and Minimalist insoles
    • Thick Max-Energy insoles: (Cushioned heel; 5-11mm thick) Our thickest insoles offer maximum impact absorption to protect your heel from repeated impacts on modern surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Great for long days in the urban jungle, skateboarding, or if your feet aren't ready for "barefoot" levels of support.
  • 2 pairs of laces - Each pair of shoes includes two pairs of laces in two different colors, so you can vary your look!


  • These shoes run slightly big. If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing down. Please reference our Sizing Guide before purchasing!

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Victor Beugelaar
First pair of barefoots

The shoes are simply amazing. I prefer to wear them everyday and I’ll keep buying them. Amazing quality aswell.

Federico Cavalleri
Best Cross training shoes

My first pair of barefoot shoes and I'm not going back! They feel extremely comfortable and supportive. I use the for running, heavy weightlifting jumping and rope climbing and I love them (before I had Nano, Metcon, Nobull and Virtue athletics) so far these are the best I tried and the first that don't get untied while I workout!

Best barefoot shoe

Quality of product very good and good set up overall with extra soles and accessories. A perfect set if you want to get started with barefoot shoes.


Great looking and extremely comfortable shoes. I really love them.

Exactly what I was looking for!

Spacious, gave me the barefoot feel without feeling like I’m wearing ninja shoes all the time, and a substantial feeling shoe on my foot so I can Bigfoot walk around. I use them at work all day for a 12hr shift, standing,sitting,walking. Although I don’t use them for exercise, I’m sure they would be great, not like exercising in “trainer/running shoe” but more of a plimsol with a barefoot feel. New favourite shoe.